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My Angel Faith Encounter from 11-19-04

I got the chance to see and meet Angel on November 19th. Read about it here!!

Angel Faith
November 19th, 2004
Bronx Zoo, Bronx, NY

I had requested the day off from work, to go somewhere. But something happened, and I ended up not going, but still having the day off. I was wondering what I could do for the day, when I got an e-mail from Angel Faith's official mailing list. It had some new updated information on appearances she was making. And I noticed the one for the 19th.

The Bronx Zoo in NYC, was having their annual Holiday Light Spectacular. It's where they have the lights at night, throughout the zoo. Well, it was 'opening' night for the lights. And Angel was scheduled to take part in the ceremony, as well as sing her single "Love Is," and a Christmas song she had recorded.

I have been a fan of Angel's, since her days in No Secrets. She was always my fave in that group, and then she went solo. After seeing her twice with the group, I wanted to see her live, solo, for the first time as well. So I decided that I was going to go to this event.

It wasn't until after I had made arrangemnts, that I found out about the public meet and greet she was doing as well. So I got excited about going. I have heard great things about Angel, from others who have met her. So I was looking forward to it.

My brother heard me talking about it, and asked what I was doing that day. When he found out, he decided he'd like to go with me. He liked some of Angel's songs (from hearing me play her cd), and also, he thought she was 'hot' (as most males do, lol).

The two of us decided to spend the day at the zoo, so we knew we were there on time for her event to take place. The M&G was scheduled for 3:30pm, and her singing was scheduled for 5pm.

At about 2:30pm, we asked one of the workers in the Zoo, if she knew where the M&G was going to take place. She told us it would be in one of two places, and it was going to be at 4pm. So we decided to go check out the 2 spots, to see what was up. We went to the one area, and asked someone there about the M&G. She had no idea, and told us she was sorry. After we talked to her, we figured it was just going to be at the other place.

We walked around a little while longer, trying to kill time. And then around 3:45, we headed back towards the Zoo Center (one of the 2 spots we were told, and also the place we had previously checked out). I seen them setting up a small stage, and said to my brother, "It looks like it is going to be here! Her singing anyway!" And then as my brother went to answer me, someone walked up to us. "Would you like a free cd?" he asked me. I looked at the cd he had in his hand, and seen it was an Angel cd (a cd sampler type thing, with "Love Is" and 3 Christmas songs on it), and said "Sure! Thanks!" After he handed it to me, I said to him, "Can I ask, if you by any chance know where the meet and greet with her is supposed to be?" He asked me if I heard about that on the radio. I told him, 'No, I am on the mailing list for her official site, and read about it in an e-mail I got from them." He smiled and asked me what my name was. I told him Kimberly. And then he grabbed my hand to shake it and says, "Well Kimberly, I am Derek! And I am her tour manager. She isn't here yet, but it'll be right inside there!" And he pointed to inside the building. I told him how I had been a fan of hers since back when she was with the group, and it was my first time seeing her alone. He said he hoped I had a good time.

After talking to him for those few minutes, I walked a few feet away, and waited for a bit. I wasn't really waiting for anything in particular, but just hanging around. My brother got anxious, and wanted to go walk closer by the stage area. So we ended up going over there and watching the news crews setting up their stuff. My brother walked away for a moment, to come back excited. "I think she's here!" he said to me. Just then, Angel and her mother came walking around the bend. When I seen her, I decided to say hello. "Hi Angel!" I yelled over to her. She turned towards me, with a big smile, and wved. "Hey! How are ya?!" she said. And then her dancers came walking over behind her. The group started talking before Angel walked behind the barricades for her sound check.

They gave her the mic, and she got into place for her sound check. I got excited because it was the first time I was hearing her sing live, alone. She sang "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree" to perfection. And then she sang "Love Is" (and her dancers joined her in this one. Dancing around her a bit, and getting her to move). After she sang it, she looked at the guy, and said, "Again please." So she sang the first part of the song again, before stopping and saying she got it now.

After her sound check, she went inside the building. A girl was walking around, telling people that they could meet her inside the building. But we had to walk around to the back, to get inside. So a small group of about 5 or 6 of us, made our way back there to get in. When we got there, we seen her walking back out the front of the building. The girl in front of me asked about the M&G, and the lady said she was doing some Press stuff, and then she'd be right back in. So we ended up hanging around inside for about a half hour, before she came back in.

During the time inside, her tour manager, and other people working for her, were giving out free posters, t-shirts, and other promotional things. So everyone went home with something. No one left empty handed. My brother and I sat on these small steps, *near where the camels were (yes, there were animals in this building, lol)* and waited. Angel's dancers came in, with this other guy. They were going thruogh what they needed to change into. The other guy (non-dancer) told them they had to go in and change with the camels. The guys were both like "WHAT?!" And the looks on their faces were priceless.

After the dancers walked away, we went back into the main room, to wait for Angel. it was only a few minutes later that she walked in. She walked to the middle of where everyone was, and waited. It was so laid back. I let the smaller kids next to me walk up to her first. I was just admiring how sweet she was with them. After them, I walked up to her, and handed her the small poster to sign. She signed it, and then I asked her if she could also sign this, and handed her the album cd jacket. I think she was shocked to see me with it. She smiled and said sure. After she signed that, I asked her, "Angel, do you mind if I get a picture with you?" She laughed and said, "Of course not!" And then she came over to me and put her arm around me for a picture. I said "Where is my brother! Oh there he is, over there!" She smiled and said "Oh, okay!" And she turned towards him, and put her arm back around me, for the picture. I said, "Thank you." She said, "No, thank you!"

After me, my brother went up to her, to get his poster and picture signed. And I took a picture of them together as well. After we got our pictures taken with her, everyone started asking her for them. And she took the time for every single person in the room. After she was done with everyone, she looked at us all, and said, "That's it? No more? I got everyone?" It was super sweet of her, to make sure she left no one out. She then said "Bye!" to everyone, and left to go finish the press she had to do.

My brother and I decided to go back out, and wait for her to perform. We ended up behind about 50 people, because we had gone inside. But we didn't care. After about 15 minutes, Angel came out to perform. I couldn't see her that well, because I was behind too many people. But I enjoyed hearing her sing. I love her voice! She sang her 2 songs, and then she stood on the side of the stage. A man came over to the mic, to talk. He introduced Spongebob, and had him come on stage. He then did a small speech, before having Angel and Spongebob, flip the switch together, to turn on the light. He had everyone count down, from 5 to 1, for them to turn on the lights. Afterwards, Angel stood there letting people take a few pictures of her, before she left the stage.

We decided to walk around for a few minutes, before we left for the night. After about 20 minutes, we were walking towards the exit. I thought I seen Angel, and then I heard her talking. She asked whomever she was with, "Guys, are you coming to go see the animals?" I noticed Angel, her mother, and a few other people walking towards where we were walking away from. I called out to her, and she looked at me. I said to her, "I just wanted to tell you that you did a great job! I loved your performance!" She smiled and said, "Thank you so much! I am glad you enjoyed it!" And then I said to her. "I was really looking forward to it. It was my first time seeing you alone. Cuz I seen you twice when you were with No Secrets!" And she goes, "Oh really?" I said "Yeah. Once when you guys opened for Aaron on his tour. And once in a radio show. I think it was Winter Jam." She said. "Oh yeah. We did that. And it's cool that you seen them too." I said, "Yeah, it was cool getting to finally see you alone too!" And she smiled a huge smile and "Thanks!" I then told her "Have a good time walking around the zoo!" And she said thanks again, and she hoped I'd get to see her again soon. I said me too, and then we walked away.

Overall, it was one of the best experiences I had with a celebrity. She was so sweet. She took her time with everyone. And she was so grateful for us being there. I am glad I got the chance to see her sing, and meet her. I look forward to the time I can do it again.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask away. I'll answer what I can!

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